Factors That Might Have Been Adversely Affecting Your Sperm Count

It won’t be wrong to say that most men don’t bother about their fertility and their sperm count, unless they face difficulties in conceiving a child. As a matter of fact, a great percentage of men these days deal with such troublesome phase in their lives. Even after numerous attempts, couples aren’t able to conceive a child.

Now, there is no good in alleging any factor or scenario that might have affected your fertility. Besides, in the present age, almost every man has been exposed to such threats to his fertility. Hence, a wiser idea would be to just know about those possible factors, and try to avoid those as much as possible.

Occupational Hazards

Men, especially who work in metal or chemical industries etc. are usually exposed to unhealthy environment that is typically hazardous to their fertility. They work all day long, and so the prolonged exposure to substances like metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, steel etc. adversely affect their sperm count. It’s not only the metals and the solder vapors, as even exposure to x-rays and other radiation treatments are chronic. These can be hazardous to a great extent, and can even result in permanent impotency.

Alike is the impact of exposure to chemical environment too, where the noteworthy ones are industries with herbicides, benzene, pesticides, painting materials, and other such chemicals’ exposure.

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It’s true that you can’t do much in the context of occupational hazards, where the threats are the surroundings of your workplace itself. Yet, you can always assure that there are equipments for your safety. Besides, you may also assure that the exposures are not for longer period of time.

Unhealthy Food Habits

Junk foods, fast foods, and other such unhealthy stuffs have now become an integral part of the present era lifestyle. People are so busy in their lives that they hardly have any time to think about checking the food they have and know if it’s healthy or not.

As a matter of fact, lack of proper vitamins, fiber, and proteins, and other essential components in your regular diet can lead to infertility in the long run. Hence, it’s significant to be concerned about what you eat daily. Let there be few simple things as a part of your daily diet like bananas, eggs, etc. that can make you more fertile.

Stress, Work Pressure, And Other Unavoidable Concerns

Again, these too are unavoidable aspects of one’s daily life these days. The competitive age has left no man with a free and easy state of mind. Now, that has been adversely affecting their sex lives and their fertility.

Hence, if you feel that you too are dealing with it, you may go for few easy remedies. Yoga and meditation, all it takes is a few minutes of your early morning or evening, and you get rejuvenated, fresh, and in a joyous state of mind in no time. Besides, practicing yoga regularly can also assure you a great blood circulation and a balanced state of hormones in your body.

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