For A Proper Semen Analysis And Getting The Most Valuable Report

Men usually have all kinds of misconceptions and concerns as far as their fertility is concerned. Of course, the primary reason for the same is the ever increasing number of infertility cases in men all around the world. Hence, by looking at such data, and their surroundings, men can’t help getting anxious about their own fertility. At their level, they even start examining themselves for the same, like by checking their semen’s density, and as awkward as by even tasting it.

Possibly, the rumors might have suggested you for these awkward and incorrect techniques of testing your fertility. However, with such ways you are just going to misinterpret things, and chances are high that you might get unnecessarily worried for the wrong reasons. Hence, it’s always advisable to go for a proper semen analysis on a regular basis. In-fact, in the present scenario, with so many threats to one’s fertility, getting his semen analyzed needs to be in the to-do list of every male.

Now, if you too have planned to pay a visit to the nearest diagnostic center by the end of this week, then you need to know a few essential things in this context. You don’t want any wrong reports, or any problem in getting your semen analyzed, isn’t it?

The Semen Specimen Needs To Be Fresh

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You can expect a right and clear report of your semen analysis, only if you have furnished them with a proper sample of your semen. By proper sample, it means your semen specimen needs to be fresh. It needs to be collected within 2 hours before testing. If the sample collected is more than 2 hours before testing, it is not considered to be good for testing. Chances are high that it might result in a wrong report, if only they are ready to test it.

2 to 5 days Abstinence From Ejaculations

Is that too much to sacrifice? No, it needn’t be especially when it is for a significant thing like getting your semen analyzed for a fertility test. Now, you might be wondering why that abstinence from having sex, masturbation, or any form of ejaculation is asked for? Well, the reason is quite simple and logical that they need a good sample of your semen to test. You might have already known that with ejaculations there is a temporary decrement in the sperm count of an individual. Of course, that gets replenished soon. Yet, it can affect the report, if you don’t refrain from ejaculations for 2 to 5 days before getting tested.

Collection Into A Sterile Container

It’s best to collect the specimen in a sterile container. For that the most convenient way is to collect your semen in the laboratory itself where they facilitate you with such containers. However, if you aren’t comfortable enough, you may collect it at your home, but then you need to store it in a sterile container. Besides, the temperature too needs to be taken care of, and it's best to store the sample at body temperature. You must not collect it in a condom, or by interrupted intercourse.

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