Useful Guidelines To Increase Semen Volume

Semen is an organic substance produced within the testicles. During sex or masturbation it gets ejaculated through the penis. It includes sperm cell that is the key element of male reproductive system. Basically, an average ejaculation produces 0.1 ml to 10 ml of semen.

With the lifestyle and environment challenges male fertility seems to be dwindling. Due to which men are looking for ways to elevate their sperm volume. Semen enhancers are pills that can actually help you increase the sperm count. However, first it is necessary to understand the factors that affect the sperm volume. Changing these can make a lot of difference.

Causes of low sperm count are:

Stress – High stress level reduces your sexual interest that affects the sperm level during ejaculation. Therefore, reducing stress level can be helpful. You can have a massage before sex, which will enhance your physical and mental state.

Hydration – Dehydration leads to decrease in semen volume. Intake of sufficient liquid (water) daily is necessary for the body to function properly.

Smoking & alcohol – Both are common culprits that cause male infertility. Intake of harmful substances leads to hormonal imbalance that causes less creation of sperms.

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Sexual encounters – Frequency of sexual sessions also impacts semen quantity. Constant ejaculation causes less production of sperms because the testicles do not get time to produce enough. Abstain from sex for a couple of days to have the production restored. You will notice the difference.

Obesity – Fat layers sagging on your testicles causes pressure and heat. Testicles can operate in cooler environment, so they are situated outside the body. Increase in temperature can become a hindrance for sperm survival.

Stationary position & clothing – Tight pants and stationary sitting position for several hours causes unnecessary pressure on the testicles. It is best to wear loose undergarments and take a break to relieve the pressure on the testicles.

Age and health – As men get old their ejaculation decreases. Balanced diet and exercise helps to enhance sperm production. Kegel exercises are recommended to develop control and increase sexual performance.

Medical conditions – Low volume may be due to hindrance in the ejaculatory duct, retrograde ejaculation, hormone issues, or infection. Some prescribed drugs can also affect semen production.

Poor diet – Foods that have fats, preservatives, salts, and toxins damage your overall health. Wisely select your diet or it will negatively affect your reproductive system.

Now that you are aware of the reasons that cause decrease in sperm count it is best to change your diet and lifestyle. It is also necessary to visit your doctor because there may be an infection issue.

Modify your diet

Antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc, amino acids, folic acid, calcium, allicin, and Omega -3 contribute to elevate the production of sperm. Therefore switch to food containing low fats but are rich in proteins.


There are plenty of pills available that provide positive results within several days after the intake. They are safe and effective. The volume enhancers contain minerals and vitamins necessary to improve your virility and sexual performance. Zinc is a component that is lacked in diets. It is necessary to strengthen sperm quality and motility, which can be attained through volume supplements.

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