Useful Tips To Evade Infertility – Facts About Semen And Sperm

About one-third of couples in the United States have difficulty in conceiving a baby. If the female has healthy ovary, eggs, and uterus with no obvious signs of abnormality then it is time for male infertility test. Male infertility is mainly caused due to decrease in sperm production. In this article, you will read about the useful tips to circumvent infertility.

What is the purpose of sperm?

Sperm cells or spermatozoon is a part of male reproductive system. It is responsible in creating a healthy sperm, which is produced in the testicles. Its main purpose is to fertilize the female egg.

During sexual intercourse, semen from the penis flows towards the female vagina. The sperm swim in this semen, reaches the egg, penetrates, and transports the chromosomal material inside it.

Composition of human semen

Semen comprises of free amino acid, citric acid, enzymes, fructose, prostaglandins, phosphorylcholine, zinc, and potassium.

  • 46% to 80% fluid is created by seminal vesicles. It contains fructose used by sperms to get energy
  • 13% to 33% by prostate gland. It includes IgA as well as proteolytic enzymes and acid phosphatase that causes clotting, which is followed by liquefaction of semen.
  • 5% spermatozoa are produced in testes and get matured in epididymis
  • 2% to 5% muco-proteins get added from bulbourethral gland.

Semen analysis

The sperms inability to penetrate into the female ova directs to infertility. In this case the male semen has to be analysed. Criteria for semen analysis according to World Health Organization for detecting semen abnormalities contributing to infertility are given below.

For fertility

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  • Total semen volume must be minimum 2 ml
  • Total sperm count should be minimum 20 million/ml for conceiving
  • 30% sperms must be matured (60 days are required for maturity)
  • 75% spermatozoa should be active and viable
  • 25% sperms must be healthy to swim forward rapidly
  • Minimum 50% sperms must be able to swim. It is ok even if they move lethargically

Causes damaging male sperm count

Environmental hazards

  • STD’s
  • Smoking
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Toxic in the air
  • Radiation
  • Excessive use of steroid

Ways to improve male fertility

  • Avoid tobacco - Smoking excessively decreases the oxygen level that causes sperm malformation. Defective sperm cannot reach ova and if some do, they cannot produce effective embryo.
  • No recreational drugs - Alcoholism and drugs causes harm to the sperm production
  • Avoid constant sexual activity - Abstain from sex or masturbation for a couple of days and allow the sperm to mature and increase
  • Hydrate yourself - Protein and water is necessary, because 80% of cum is fluid. This seminal fluid nourishes the sperm
  • Stay cool - Avoid using sauna or hot baths, when trying to conceive because heat kills the sperm. Even tight undergarments can heat the reproductive organs and hinder the process.
  • Eat well-balanced diet – Diet must be loaded with folic acid, zinc, and antioxidants necessary for successful fertility
  • Exercise – Moderate exercise regularly is beneficial to maintain weight and relieve oneself from stress. No bicycle riding for a long time. It can harm your reproductive organ nerves.
  • End intense workouts – excessive exercise increases adrenal levels that cause testosterone deficiency.
  • Stop use of anabolic steroid – Steroid medication can shrink the testicles.

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