Change Your Diet To Increase The Sperm Count

You might have seen your grandparents and their friends, who led a healthy life, with less medical complications. In fact, there was nothing about their health they complained about. However, you suffer double the number of medical problems as compared to them. Men, in specific suffer a lot from various sexual issues, which causes serious relationship problem.

This is one of the reasons, why the number of divorce cases has increased recently. Your partner loves you a lot, and might not tell you that she is not happy with your sexual performance. The fact is that she might not be able to suppress her feelings for quite a long time, and this might create differences, which can affect your relationship.

Tackle the problem

Men are quite sensitive when it comes to their sexual performance, and at times are not comfortable talking about the same. Such an attitude needs to be worked upon, especially if you care for your relationship and want to strengthen it. Sometimes, the issue might not be as serious as it appears to be like. All you need to do is change your attitude and accept the fact, which is not at all tough.

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Healthy eating habits assures you better health, and almost everyone knows about this fact, but no one pays much attention to it. If your food has too much of fat ingredients, then it will adversely affect your health and also your semen count. Now, it is necessary to understand the term – ‘healthy food’. Your body needs enough proteins and nutrition, and less fat content. Men usually tend to eat foods that are high on calories and fats, which will adversely affect your body.

East healthy

It will not only affect your body, but will also impact your semen count and its motility. This is indeed a serious thing, and you cannot tend to overlook this fact. For better results you men can change the eating habits, and exercise a lot, as these two factors will keep you healthy. The result can be seen instantly, after you change the habit.

It will help you in increasing the sperm count, which will make you sexually active and fertile as well. Some things that needs to be avoided for increasing the semen count is coffee, smoke, drugs, and alcohol. These things can adversely affect your sperm count. Fertile men usually have approximately 2 percent of sperm in semen.

During normal ejaculation, the semen count in 2 ml, is approximately 40 to 600 million sperm. Anything less than this, is not considered to be a good sign. Fertile men usually have 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen, thus it is necessary to check the count through medical tests. A good semen volume is required for conceiving a child.

Sperm motility

The type of food you eat also affects the sperm motility, which is equally important. If more than half of your sperms are moving smoothly then there is nothing much to worry about. However if it doesn’t happen then there is something to worry about.

In many cases the problem can be cured easily, without undergoing any complicated medical treatment. However it is required to consult an s-expert to check the bet sways of curing this problem.

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