Convincing Reluctant Males To Take Infertility Test

Today, infertility is reported to have impacted males and females, alike. In 1/3rd cases, problems stems from males and in other 1/3rd cases problems are from both sides. For years females have been automatically taking the blame for not conceiving.

Socially created gender beliefs have dominated the lives of males and females around the world for centuries. From birth, it is deeply rooted in the conscious of both male and female that:

  • Women’s identity – A wife is responsible to procreate and provide the family with a child.
  • Male’s identity – A husband is the breadwinner, plants a seed to bear a child, and protects the family.

Therefore, in case of female not been able to conceive has to rush to a gynaecologist for help. Simultaneously, the male reaction is sweaty and cold, even though he desires to have a baby. They resist fertility testing therefore their women mark them as – male pride.

Men are poles apart from women

Undoubtedly, the most disturbing and devastating situation in a male’s life would be to consult a fertility specialist. Men are different and often dislike asking for advice or help unless they suffer pain or are forced by their dear ones.

In the case of seeking help for determining fertility seems like a challenge -

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  • Approaching multiple doctors can seem difficult, because he has to share many intimate details regarding HIS their sexual relationship.
  • He may even have to provide semen on demand for fertility testing is another step for getting nervous
  • In case he produces semen for the tests then he is worried about the positive infertility results
  • Getting misjudged, because infertility can be easily associated with impotency
  • To find out he is responsible could be a heavy blow to his ego and masculinity.
  • Besides the thought of not giving his wife a child makes him feel insecure about his virility and social status.
  • He has been habituated from generations to believe that producing an heir is their job.

All these emotional turmoil makes him recoil and he resists from seeking help. He does not want to feel insufficient and defective.

Female role as a caring partner

Males have to prepare themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally before taking a male fertility test. They are not good in expressing their sentiments every time, because women are more articulated in displaying their emotions. As his spouse, you can help him out to voice his hidden fears and anxieties about the test.

Assure him that his uncertainty about the test he is getting anxious about is quite natural. He has nothing to feel embarrassed about. You can request him to go for the sperm test for your sake. He may get encouraged, because both are committed to support one another.

No place for accusing

When suggested by the gynaecologist to take a male fertility test to determine the sperm status, he feels shocked. The reason is that he assumes that infertility is in fact a female issue. Common response from males is stress, confusion, feeling of vulnerability, disbelief, and denial. He struggles and starts questioning his masculinity, virility, and sexuality.

There is no place for blaming each other but love, care, respect and support can open the doors for combating the current situation. Handling with care makes him aware of his individual morality and probable loss of his lineage. Accusing is not a solution, but overcoming it with love and care is the key.

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