Hypnotherapy Can Help You Come Out Of Stress To Increase Your Sperm Count

There can be a lot of reasons that can have an impact on your sperm count, but the relationship and emotional stress can have a bigger impact. When you are under stress, your GnRH hormone disrupts the Leydig cells, which lead to low levels of testosterone thus resulting in low sperm count.

Low sperm count due to stress

Usually, the fertility rate for males below 40 years of age is 60% and those above 40 years of age, it is 50%. However, if you are under high stress you are likely to expect infertility problems. This would again lead to more strain in your relationship. Further, the sperm count could decline more if you indulge in more sex, as frequent sex can lead to low sperm count.

There are numerous reasons that lead to stress and is usually accompanied by a feeling of anxiety and depression. The popular belief is that stress leads to only negative results, but contrary to this belief, not all stress is bad. Stress is believed to motivate your confidence power and boost your energy.

However, in this case, since men are always shy from asking help for getting relieved from stress, the outcome is always negative for them. Moreover, you would hardly find any man getting help for stress relief especially when it is associated with his sexual performance.

Stress comes from many sources like relationship issues, work pressure, financial pressure or circumstances in personal life. This further leads to less or no secretion of testosterone hormones, less sperm count and ultimately results in infertility among men.

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How to overcome stress?

To overcome all these forms of difficulties, it is essential that you look for some remedy that would help in combating your stress levels. You might try to figure the reasons that are responsible for the stress and disturbance. However, quite often we are not able to find the exact reason and are just left wondering about them.

Therefore, taking the help of a therapist is the best solution to this problem as they would work therapeutically and will uncover all the key causes of your stress. In fact, the best therapy is Hypnotherapy, which will free you from not only the mental stress, but also from all sexual problems.

What is Hypnotherapy?

When we talk about Hypnotherapy, we are discussing a kind of psychotherapy like CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy is excellent and one of the most effective ways for dealing with the problems of stress and different kinds of sexual problems. Hypnosis in particular stimulates your response for intense relaxation and enhances recovery thereby reducing stress.

The most wonderful part of this therapy is that it involves both the partners as one undergoes the therapy and the other partner can observe the process. This in turn brings the couple closer, leads to better tolerance, makes a deep connection and increases better understanding between them.

With hypnotherapy, you respond well to exercise, and regular sex. It increases your appetite, and brings your life and work back to balance. The only assumption behind this therapy is that we become emotionally healthy and strong, which ultimately helps in increasing the sperm count.

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