Switch Off Your Mobile To Avoid The Risk Of Low Sperm Count

If you are planning for a child then you might have to keep your cell phone away during the conceiving period. No wonder it is shocking to know, but researchers all across the globe have found that prolonged use of cell phones can lead to lower sperm count. Studies done at major clinics and research institutes have revealed that there are possibilities of cell phones harming the DNA count of males using cell phones.

Confirmation through various researches

Studies pertaining to preliminary findings by the Cleveland Clinic have found that the quality of sperm declined in men, who have been using their mobile phones the most than in men who use the least. Although the sperm number declines with the increase in cell phone usage, the difference in the number of sperm count was not significant.

The findings were based on studies conducted on four groups of men, who attended the fertility clinic for tests. They were divided into four groups according to their cell phone usage.

  • One group of men did not use the cell phone,
  • One group used cell phones for less than one or two hours in a day
  • One group used cell phones for 2-4 hours a day
  • One group used cell phones that exceeded more than 4 hours a day

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After the tests, results showed that men, who using cell phones beyond four hours showed decline in sperm count by 30 percent as compared to men, who didn’t use cell phones. With each level of increase in phone usage, the quality of sperm, its count, and shape also reduced.

How does cell phone affect sperm count?

There have been many theories leading to the study of decline in sperm count due to cell phone usage. Researchers performing these studies suggested that cell phones are harming the DNA of the user that is disturbing the cells responsible for producing testosterone. There is also a possibility that the tubules creating the sperms are diminished in size.

Another theory is that men usually keep their phones in the front pockets and when it warms up, it eventually affects the temperature of the sperm in the scrotum. Usually, sperms need a temperature of about 4 degrees lesser than the usual body temperature for survival. The radiations from the cell phone penetrate the tissues interfering with the electromagnetic frequency of the body. This leads to the creation of low and abnormal sperms.

There is yet another theory too by the researchers of a reputed University in Canada, who have discovered that over exposure to cell phones leads to decreased levels of luteinizing hormone. This hormone is secreted in the brain and is crucial for the male reproductive system. Excessive usage of cell phones could have a prolonged effect on the reproductive abilities of men.

Other factors influencing the sperm count

Apart from the mobile phones as a modern gadget that have been suspected of reducing sperm count, there have some other things that influence the same. Usage of diapers as a toddler and using laptop has also been proposed as a link to low sperm count. However, there is still a lot to learn and confirm.

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