Information About Male Orgasm And Ejaculation

Orgasm is the climax of a sexual act that offers heightened sexual pleasure, whereas ejaculation is the outcome of an orgasm. Ejaculation is the physical process that releases semen, which contains the sperm. The fluid with the sperm is passed into the female vagina and moves towards the female egg for fertilization.

The first scientist who studied in details about human sexuality was Alfred Kinsey. He described that ‘Normally, male orgasms include contraction and pulsating feeling experienced in the pelvic region, prostate and penis. Additionally, rapid breathing, increased heart beats, muscle tensing, and contraction of the sphincter, anal as well as PC muscle. All these sensations trigger in a sudden ejection of tension.

Orgasms – one size does not fit all

Experience of orgasm and ejaculation differs from one male to another

  • Teenage boys experience orgasm without ejaculation
  • Some males have ejaculation few seconds after orgasm
  • Several men unable of ejaculate can adeptly have orgasm
  • Some guys experience several ejaculations as well as can further have multiple orgasm without ejaculation.

Psychological and physical effects of male orgasm

Several men feel orgasm exclusively in the genital and scrotum zone. Some of them feel orgasm sensation on some parts of their body. Remaining males report to have experienced it all through their body. What is the percentage of physical or psychological sensation of orgasm is completely difficult to judge.

Male orgasm and ejaculation

Just before climax, seminal fluids collect at the penis base in the urethral corm. You get a familiar signal that you are all set to ejaculate. As you reach orgasm, your testicles contract and get close to your body. Urinary tract also shuts, do that semen can exit from the penis instead of the bladder. Ejaculation is an impulsive muscle spasm. The semen gets ejected because of the reflex that ascends at the spine base.

Male and female orgasm - Difference

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  • Female orgasm is capable to suck the male sperm and draw it towards the ovum (egg) in the fallopian duct.
  • Women can experience orgasm for a long time in comparison to men.
  • Generally, are competent to gear up quickly for experiencing another orgasm after the initial highpoint.

Physical orgasm issues

Physical feature of orgasm includes the anatomical, neurological, respiratory, hormonal, and muscular systems. Issues in any of these can cause a difficulty or incapability to orgasm. The common physical obstacles that hinder your peak moments are:

  • Reduced sensation due to medications or aging
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain during libido
  • Fatigue easily leads to lack of sexual desire

Psychological climax problems

Psychological barriers that are liable to avert orgasm are:

  • Negative feelings and religious beliefs
  • Low body image and confidence
  • Stress
  • Performance nervousness or great expectations
  • No expectations - Not had orgasm for some time and are convinced that it will not happen anyway.

Male multiple orgasms

Technically, multiple orgasms take place in series without any decrease of sexual excitement in between. According to the research report of about 15% to 20% males between 18 to 25 years were capable of frequent orgasm. Also, they lost this capacity as they moved towards 30 and 40.

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