Tricks To Intensify Your Male Orgasm

Females are usually shy to initiate sex and it is always the guy, who begins it. He tries to make her feel special and offer her the best experience, but neglects himself. In this article, you will learn tricks on how to surprise yourself with an enhanced male orgasm.

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  • Use five senses – When you are physical with her take things slow. Try to focus on every sensation rather than thinking on how well you are performing. Get lost in the sounds around you especially her groans and moans. Caress her body with your fingers and feel her smooth skin. Taste her lips, mouth, and body. Smell her sexually aroused body. Looking in the long mirror all nude entwined together can lead to a bursting ejaculation. Use all your senses including eyes, ears, smell, taste, and touch.
  • Apply strategic pressure – When you feel, you are about to ejaculate ask her to press the perineum. It is situated between your anus and scrotum. This will avert ejaculation as it is linked to the prostate gland that expands and contracts during climax and releases the seminal fluid. Thus, your climax can be delayed in this manner for some time and finally you will experience a long lasting orgasm. You can also practice the tightening and releasing pelvic muscles without letting her know. Kegel exercises regularly can help you during real sex to intensify male orgasm.
  • Build excitement - During sexual intercourse you feel that you are about to peak take a break. Engage in other lovemaking activity. If you do this several times you are sure to cause an eruption later. These interfering sessions together create an extremely passionate orgasm.
  • Be creative – Add role-playing, if she is comfortable. This is a safe way to mimic someone you fantasy, while having sex with the one you are committed to. Whether staging a cocky star fighter or damsel in distress or a private eye, it is vital to communicate with her, before indulging. This can elevate your desire for one another and provide an unforgettable orgasm. Several couples apply bondage, hair pulling, hand-cuffs, choking, and spanking. To enjoy the newly created imagination establish some basic rules. These kinky fetishes can be adventurous and spice your sex life.
  • Concentrate – Slowly work your penis in and out gradually to full penetration. Going slow can allow you to focus on your feelings and enjoy this intimacy. Gradually, when your passion builds up move fast and forcefully. This can send both of you over the edge physiologically and emotionally.

Now, that you have identified the tricks to intensify your male orgasm use it automatically to sizzle your sexual life.

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