The Reasons For Low Sperm Count In Men

Low sperm is one of the major problems that bother both men and women. Men usually don’t find it easy to accept the fact that their sperms are not good enough to impregnate their partner. Women, on the other hand doesn’t know how to react in such a situation. The condition becomes more difficult to handle, when both of them start blaming each other for the same.

The issue of infertility has its own consequences some are minor while others are quite serious. There are many researches conducted all over the world, to find the exact reason for such an occurrence. The statistics for such cases shows a high number, as compared to what it was in earlier days.

There are many reasons that cause the deterioration of the sperm count and its quality. Some of them are hereditary, while others are caused due to wrong practices and unhealthy lifestyle. Whatever the reason might be, you need to spend time and make proper effort to understand the problem.

Impact of Hormonal Changes

Hormones play a key role in the development of your body and keep you healthy. You might not be aware of the fact that drastic hormonal changes can impact and reduce the sperm count, which makes you less fertile. Some of the changes are common and can be treated properly, while others are complicated and the reasons for the same are yet to be found.

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If your partner is not able to conceive naturally, despite of the fact that you both had unprotected sex, then you need a medical help. Party and night life is a common thing, and no one wants to miss upon the opportunity to enjoy it. Of course it is the best way to reduce the stress level.

There is no harm in attending them, but be aware of a fact before you smoke or consume alchol. Too much of cigarettes and drinks, directly impacts your sperm quality and count. In some cases, men can become impotent as well. It is thus recommended to quit these habits as soon as possible, as it will help you in leading a healthy an active life.

Healthy Diet

Life is fast and many people don’t have time to cook healthy food, instead they prefer fast and tinned diet. How you ever wondered about the impact of such diet on your health? If no, then it is the time to do so. These types of foods contain harmful chemicals, fats, and other ingredients that can reduce your sperm count.

Similarly coffee and preservative drinks are not good for your health. It is recommended to avoid them, as much as possible. Instead you can get into the habit of drinking fresh fruit juice that will help you increasing the sperm count in your body. Instead of eating anything and everything, you can eat a well balanced diet that will keep your mind and body active.

A healthy food should include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and organic diets. You can drink lots of water every day, as it will flush out all the unwanted toxins from your body.

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