Understand The Anatomy Of Your Manhood During Arousal

Men love sex, more than anything else. Even a thought of it makes them go wild with ecstasy. They like to indulge in the act more often and try different things that will make them perfect. Ejaculation makes them proud about their tool. They love to admire their fully blown up tool, and want to try many things on their partner with it. The speed of ejaculation is higher in men, who are young and energetic.

The speed might subdue, as they become old. The male anatomy undergoes several changes during ejaculation. Such changes are quite interesting and are a must to know information for everyone. The penis is made up of three chambers that hold blood during arousal. When the blood flows into the chambers, it increases its size.

Changes that happen during arousal

The size of the penis usually stretches up to 1 or 2 inches during erection. You will see that the head of the tool increases, and in some cases it changes to purple color. It is at this time when his tool generates a pre cum fluid, which dribbles out of the urethra. Such a momentum creates excitement in his whole body, which makes all these movements. It is at this time, his testes moves in the forward direction. Slowly and gradually it moves towards the tip of his tool. This movement causes an increase in the size and make it look full and blown up.

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Men usually experience a strong urge to have sex at this time, which increases his heart beat. The excitement is so strong that there is increase in the blood pressure, muscle tension, and sex flush. Not many know about these things, which is fine. It is important that your body is capable of undergoing these changes, so that you can enjoy the sex thoroughly.

Whenever men are aroused they feel a tickling sensation at his tip. This usually happens due to the changes in the vas deferens, prostrate, and seminal vesicles. Such activities cause the formation of seminal fluid, which gets collected at the tip of your manhood.

During ejaculation he experiences a strange feeling in his urethra that makes him quite excited. The speed completely depends upon his urge and stronger movements he undergoes at this time. As per the s-expert the urge and the speed varies from one person to the other. If you are healthy and have a fit and fine body, then the urge is strong and prompt.

On the contrary, things are quite different when you have a medical issue. It is thus recommended to take special care of your health, if you want to thoroughly enjoy sex. The penis becomes normal, once you have ejaculated. This happens immediately as you ejaculate.

He will feel more relaxed and happy once the mission is accomplished. At this time, he might not have an urge to get another erection. It is a feeling that will remain only for a short while.

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