You Can Impregnate Your Partner Normally Even With A Low Sperm Count

Men are too conscious about their sexual performance. They cannot take a no or dissatisfactory expression by their partner, while performing something new in bed. Men usually try doing something new and unique in bed, so as to satisfy their partner, and ensure to perfect whatever they do. Any negative comment, can directly impact their ego and confidence.

Parenthood is a great experience and the most awaited moment for both the partners. A fertile man can easily impregnate his partner, as they have a high semen count. Not all men are so lucky, as some of them find it difficult to impregnate their partners. There are many reasons for the same. It is too hard for men to believe that they cannot perform well and their semen is no good to accomplish the task.

The worst thing is when they believe in myths, rather than spending time on researching the fact. Don’t get disheartened if you have already made unsuccessful attempts. Instead of dwelling in such a situation, you can consult a doctor to check the exact reason for the same. There are s-experts, who can help you in coping with such a situation and appear triumph, without having to struggle a lot for the same.

Understand the Difference between Sperm and Semen:

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Many couples fail to understand the difference between sperm and semen, and assume them to be the same thing. There are many ways through which you could find the fertility of your sperms. Here the doctors ask you to ejaculate in the lab, so as to test how healthy your sperm count is.

The average count for normal men has to be 20 million sperms per milliliter. Unhealthy eating habits, hectic lifestyle, genetic hormones, and other reasons can cause this issue. Your doctor will diagnose the exact reason that can cause this issue. Based on the report these experts will help you in getting rid of this issue for good.

Healthy Body:

You are healthy and visit the gym on a regular basis. Your heartbeat is healthy and until now, you never had any medical issues. Well, these things are good from your health point of view. It doesn’t mean that you are fertile. There are chances that you might have suffered from an injury that could have hurt your testicles.

Sometimes eating habits and skipping nutritious food can cause low sperm count. In such a situation, which occurred mainly due to unhealthy eating habits, it is recommended to change the diet chart completely. Try to include lots of fruits like grapes, kiwi, cranberries, and many others.

Fresh vegetables also have a positive impact on your health, especially when it comes to sperm counts. Eggs, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, and white meat need to be included in your diet.

Thanks to the latest medical treatment, you don’t have to worry about low sperm count anymore. There are still chances that you can impregnate your partner normally, as others. It is necessary that you quit smoking and stop drinking, as they directly reduce the count.

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